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Union Metrics News: Your 2017 strategy, new features and our favorite campaigns from 2016

All the social analytics news you can use, from Union Metrics Welcome to 2017 from Union Metrics! We hope you enjoyed the holiday break. Now get back into the swing of things with some of our latest and greatest tips for social media marketing! Make this year a prosperous one with social media Wrapping up 2016: Do a content audit While doing a content audit sounds like a daunting task, it's important to know what worked and what didn't in 2016 in order to be successful on social in 2017. Click to read more. Plan your best social media strategy for 2017 Now that you know what type of content works with your audience, brainstorm new ideas and map out a calendar to see where you need to fill in any gaps. Click to read our tips. New advanced features added to Union Metrics in 2016


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